Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 1

Today I wish to post on girly movies that make every muscle in my cheeks ache with happiness. The movies are:

Date of Release: 1995

My Interpretation: This movie by far is a cosy one. It's one of those sitting in bed warm with a hot water bottle type moments (girls you know what I mean) while the rain pours outside and you can enjoy the lives of teenage girls in the 90's. Back then it was so basic, fashion was huge and if you were rich then and only then would you own a cellular. A girl arrives from another city who is in major need of a makeover. Cher, the lead character is more than happy to oblige with help, as her ex-step brother is on her back about her lack of contribution to the earth. As the story goes on Cher releases how little control she has over her life even though she tries so hard to manage it. In the end she lets go of her insistent need to help herself get what she wants and finds it comes to her naturally. What a life! I think it's Cher's positivity and genuine care for others that attracts me to her. She's gorgeous, fun and someone who'd I'd love to be in another life. Too bad she's only a movie character! 

The Hairy Bird

Date of Release: 1998

My interpretation: If  you like the 60's era including its fantastic pop music you will adore this film. Interestingly, even though it is a chick flick I have found many of my guys friends to still enjoy it. This movie is the one movie I have to play to ALL of my friends at some point. It's a cult classic (in my opinion) - boarding school girls who are bored and find themselves fighting for their right to study as an only girls school. St Andrew's Academy are intended to join with Miss Goddard's Girls to become a co-ed school. A strong feminist movement ties in here with a group of girls being divided over the final result of this merge. In the end they realise how awful the St. Andrews boys are and plot a plan to stop the merge once and for all. It takes a strong willed and straight talking girl to lead the school of ladies to vote against the movement and they indeed have their voices heard. Another movie to note for its fashion sense. 

Legally Blonde

Date of release: 2001

My Interpretation: If I'm ever feeling upset or hard done by, I watch this movie. It's a movie that makes you feel worth it no matter what anyone else (or you) have said instead. Elle Woods is a confident and bright women who has decided to join Harvard Law school just to win back her ex boyfriend. She discovers however, that she really enjoys the law and decides to do the study for herself. After being selected to assist a high profile court case for her teacher, she learns about how small minded others can be and how superficial her teacher and ex boyfriend really are. She quits Harvard after falsely accused of sleeping her way there until her friends convince her how wonderful she is. The moral of the story of course is to not judge a person by how they look. Elle was considered stupid, ditsy and superficial but proved to others she was so much more, she was intelligent, strong willed and honest. Legally Blonde often motivated me during my studies to work harder. You can't argue with that!

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