Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rock Of Ages

Isn't it interesting how we change developmentally as we get older? For example, when I was at high school about say 13-14 years-old, I had the fashion sense and maturity of a plank of wood. I literally owned one pair of pants were were ugly, black and did I mention ugly? By 15 years-old I had developed an attitude where my self confidence soared and I decided to fight back against the haters and people who looked down on me. I dyed my hair a bright red, wore make-up and hanged with low life smokers after school. At 16 I made the mistake of having my hair bleached blonde. I swear to God the entire school looked at me in horror the day, when turning up to school with it for the first time. I literally looked like a walking light bulb. Fashion blunder number #324325. In my final year of high school I slowed down and my generous aunt fixed my hair to be light brown with gorgeous blonde streaks. The ugly duckling began to turn into a swan. The clothes I wore were less skanky and I felt more at ease with myself.

I got to University which is well known as the self-discovery period for many people. Here I had the chance to start a fresh and boy did I do that! I maintained my hair a nice natural blonde and found a fantastic way to dress - girlie chic and bold coloured street style.I wore leather jackets, blazers and multi coloured dresses well before it was 'in'. I had finally reached a point where I was satisfied with who I was physically and mentally. It was like my dress sense and personal style matched my personality.

Now the point of this reference to the old school days of Jess, is I'm looking at the younger generations who are coming through the stages I went through. They either, a) develop at the same rate as I do when it comes to the inner self and fashion style to match their personality or b) are late bloomers and instead use early post high school years to develop themselves. For a long time young people really do follow their friends, follow the trends until they eventually realise that they have a personality and can think for themselves about how they look and act. Gotta get some swagger bitches!

Something to think about indeed.

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