Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fashion Faux Paus

Does anyone else think Zowie (New Zealand singer) is struggling desperately to catch up with the trends? She's doing the whole shoulder pads and tights thing, for example:

I mean Lady Gaga already kicked this theme off and many artists/retail stores have already followed it, can I say it's already been done to death? In addition I'd like to complain about the no pants thing. Okay serious slutty pop tarts, we get that you want to be 'in' but you don't actually all have the legs to carry off no pants. I think Rihanna is the only acceptable copy cat as she actually suits it, in addition to the dominatrix style dress.

Speaking of the latest trends, is anyone else slightly scared of the transsexual Sci Fi theme going on? I'm actually liking the style but dayum! I supposed sometimes it's hard to tell a male model from a female sometimes with how they are made up to look.

In regards to the Sci Fi, I am loving this dress in particular: 

Designer unknown
Manish Arora S/S2011
MAJOR DROOL - Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2010 Alien heels

This is why Alexander McQueen is  my favourite designer, RIP Dear Sir. Post Apocalyptic is looking good too from spring 2010. If anyone else has some fashion complaints feel free to comment. Other than that I will continue to sit on my high horse waiting for something else to be horrified at. 

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