Sunday, May 8, 2011

Music Review

Ellen Allien - Dust

 01. Our Utopie
02. Flashy Flashy
03. My Tree
04. Sun The Rain
05. Should We Go Home
06. Ever
07. You
08. Dream
09. Huibuh
10. Schlumi

First track 'Our Utopie' = sex. A distinctive lead up made my ears prick up in pleasure. Fading in and out of distorted vocals gave it this eerie post apocalyptic vibe. ‘Flashy Flashy’ was average; it seemed a bit simple and repetitive. ‘My Tree’ is more of the same. ‘Sun The Rain’ had a nice riff to it, very dreamy and light. It later gets a little more intense, as though it’s reaching its climax. I can’t understand a word Ellen is singing because her voice is so distorted.

‘Should We Go Home’ had this creepy lost in the woods sound to it which was interesting but it kind of put me into a trance and I accidently drowned out of the song; seems that it would fit more in a thriller movie to be frank. However, the next song ‘Ever’ really had a beat. It reminded me of Daft Punk in some respects from the deep beat that began from the start. I like heavy set songs with thick bass.  Like ‘Sun The Rain’ the song ‘You’ has a riff rather than solely an electronic sound. This time I can actually understand Ellen’s vocals. Still, a bit boring.

‘Dream’ was awful. It had both repetitive beats and vocals that never really brought anything decent to the table. Overall, I wasn’t impressed with the album. I couldn’t wait for it to end to be honest. The tracks weren’t set out in the album very well and I didn’t really get a theme or purpose to it. I’d only ever listen to ‘Our Utopie’ again and nothing else. I feel like the tracks were too simple for my liking. Ellen is considered Minimal Techno and it’s definitely not my cup of tea. 

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